Why Creating a chatbot on Facebook Workplace?

Need to create an enterprise social network? Facebook Workplace offers a ready to use tool to meet your collaborative platform expectations. The firm offers multiple features designed to promote and streamline communication and work.

Adding company-specific chatbots to it opens up real opportunities for work optimization. Let us explain why…

Pourquoi créer un chatbot sur Facebook workplace ?


Facebook workplace is an enterprise social network

This communication and collaboration tool, originally called “Facebook at Work” was launched in 2016 by Facebook. The social network is targeting a professional use and already claims over 30,000 companies from various industries using it.


The Workplace platform does not require a personal account to access it, making this environment separate from the traditional Facebook network. This way, companies avoid reluctance from employees who do not want to mix personal and professional matters.


The pricing model is “Freemium”. Basic functionalities are free in the Standard version while the Premium version offers access to more advanced administration and integration functionalities. The cost is based on the number of monthly users (1 to 3 USD per user, depending on the number of accounts).



Facebook Workplace functionalities

Facebook Workplace is a powerful tool targeted to professionals and based on the basic functionalities of the public platform. This similarity helps boosting its adoption. The tool covers all the necessary tasks needed to drive a corporate project: connecting members, instant communication and reaction, information sharing, polling functionality or even events announcement.


From a user standpoint, it allows:

  • To create an individual profile
  • To share information, whether its in a group or directly to a person
  • To work remotely or to organize video meetings
  • To save time by limiting the use of multiple tools to perform different tasks
  • To remain available on mobile devices thanks to Apple and Android applications


From an administrator standpoint, a simple and native back office tool offers the opportunity to:

  • To manage end users accounts
  • To create professional communities based on closed groups
  • To avoid extra training given that the platform is based on a very familiar tool (Facebook)
  • To allow communication between Facebook Workplace and external applications via APIs. Over 50 cloud-based applications are available, including Microsoft SharePoint, Hubspot or Adobe
  • To monitor the use via an Analytics tool to adjust services accordingly
  • To secure data. Facebook has strong protocols in place as well as partnerships with the best experts
  • To develop an international footprint thanks to over 100 languages available and an out of the box translation feature


The Virgin Atlantic use case is a perfect example for Facebook Workplace. The airline has chosen the solution to share information to its 10,000 employees, of which most of them are constantly flying around the world. The solution was adopted in just a few months by a majority, 7,000 exactly according to Virgin. This solution is now a key element when it comes to employee experience and engagement.



Pourquoi créer un chatbot sur Facebook workplace ?


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a robot that can naturally engage in a discussion with a human. Developed, configured and managed by humans, its aim is to handle precise tasks. The conversational flow is based on a scenario and uses artificial intelligence to understand and mimic natural language. Facebook announced that there are over 100,000 chatbots on its Messenger platform.



Why developing a chatbot on Facebook Workplace?

The main function of a chatbot is to handle repetitive and low value-added tasks. In plain, a bot answers recurring questions that can be automated. This way, people usually in charge of answering these requests all day long are freed from it. Chatbots are praised for their promptness.


What are the possible types of interactions for a bot on Workplace:

  • Users ask questions through a chat interface such as Messenger;
  • It can take part in a group discussion like a human (it could post, comment or like content). It could also mention a user to draw attention;
  • It can directly message a user.



It is important to integrate efficient internal chatbots when considering that Workplace becomes a collaboration hub.

Administrative and HR related questions

Implementing a chatbot on the collaboration hub could support an HR function by smoothening the information flow. It can, for example, improve the onboarding experience by bringing automated and accurate answers to questions related to admin, leaves, salaries etc. to new employees.


IT related questions

Support functions such as IT can greatly benefit from this type of tool. Recurring questions related to IT tools (such as “what is the wifi password?” or “I need a new mouse”) can be automated and taken care of by the chatbot.


Organizing an event or a conference

Combining a chatbot to Workplace is a perfect way of optimizing internal event communication. The bot provides a great user experience by answering instantly any recurring question, while freeing up time for the organizers. The chatbot could produce content related to the event (teaser), provide a more interactive FAQ, or even open up live feedback or polling channels.




Request support from an expert to make your Facebook Workplace chatbot a success!

Designing a chatbot requires 2 complementary skills:

  • An expertise in terms of user experience to adapt the bot to specific expectations;
  • A technical expertise based on proven standards when it comes to natural language processing for example.


With dozens of completed Chatbot projects, Expertime /Open provides support for your Chatbot project on Facebook Workplace or any other platform (website, application, company specific software or messaging platforms).



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